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CanSecWest 2020

The 21st annual CanSecWest conference will be held March 18-20, 2020 at the Sheraton Wall Centre hotel in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

We are still accepting paper proposals.

For the info about Pwn2Own, please check here.

Registration is available: here.

Interact with the security community

CanSecWest, the world's most advanced conference focusing on applied digital security, is about bringing the industry luminaries together in a relaxed environment which promotes collaboration and social networking. The conference lasts for three days and features a single track of thought provoking presentations, each prepared by an experienced professional and talented educator who is at the cutting edge of his or her field. We give preference to new and innovative material, highlighting important, emergent technologies, techniques, or best industry practices.

The conference is single track, with one hour presentations over the duration beginning at 9:00 a.m. The registration fee includes the catered meals, and there will be a vendor display and lounge/eating area, where wireless internet access will be available (as well as in the speaking theater).

2019-12-06-08:00:00 Danger Will Robinson Danger

Heads up for our conference attendees, sponsors, and for other infosec conferences in general:

Some scammers have targeted our CanSecWest sponsors and are calling them at their company contact numbers identifying themselves as "Trade Show Planners" an independent "booking agency" for accomodations. Their pitch goes something like "We have our own block of rooms at the conference hotel for half the price of the official block of rooms" just enter your credit card number on our extremely sketchy phishing page and we can "save you money."

They are claiming to offer $175 / night rates "at half the official rate of the conference rooms!" if you just give them your credit card number, and info.

...BTW our offficial rates are $185/night and here is the official Sheraton hotel booking link:

(It's also unfortunate that the Sheraton has outsourced their group bookings this year, which makes them a little more vulnerable to this kind of scam since it's not hanging off a domain anymore.)

We, however, are very fortunate that we have a tight knit and very security savvy community at CanSecWest, and one of our sponsors just reported this to me live as he was on the phone with this scammer, he immediately detected that something was off about this and reported it to me as he was on the phone - but I can see this approach working with other conferences with more porous and less savvy groups.

(Upon further consideration, this group targeting a group of professionally paranoid security folks at the CanSecWest conference may not have been their brightest moment.)

2019-11-29-22:00:00 2020 Hotel

Rooms CanSecWest 2020 may be reserved under the discounted conference booking rate here.

2019-03-16-13:00:00 CanSecWest Reservations

Hotel Room Registration Closed

Hotel registration through the provided link is now closed.

We have sold out of all discounted rooms for the conference and the link provided previously to book rooms is now closed. The hotel is continuing to offer regular rooms at the discounted rate of $183.00++ based on remaining availability.

If you still need to book a room, please contact

2019-03-09-08:00:00 CanSecWest Seaside Security Meet-Up

New for 2019 CanSecWest Seside Security Meet-Up on Saturday March 23

A new addition to CanSecWest Vancouver Infosec Week 2019:

Seaside Security Meet-Up

March 23, 2019 - 12:30-1700

A series of theater style presentations on information security best practices, and an open microphone lighting talk session of quick presentations from the audience.

A chance to learn from and meet your local infosec peers in our adjacent licensed and catered Flynn's Classic Videogame Arcade Lounge stocked with free to play classic videogame cabinets.

Venue: 3rd Floor Ballroom, North Tower, Sheraton Wall Center, 1088 Burrard Street, Vancouver B.C.

Come present your research or security tutorial to local Greater Vancouver Area Infosec professionals and international attendees from the main CanSecWest conference, interact with the local security community, learn from presentations or just meet your peers and have beer or non-alcoholic beverage with some interesting topical converstions in our free-to-play classic historical arcade.

The first confirmed tutorial will be Guy Rosario from KPMG teaching attendees how to set up their own AI machine filtering to analyze PCAP packet captures. More presentations TBA.

Send talk proposals to and cc: or contact @dragosr on Twitter.

Cost: $120

Main Conference Notes

This year the party has moved to Wednesday night and will feature live music. The Thursday night IOAsis party will continue as usual.

2019-02-07-20:00:00 2019 Speakers